Craftsy GIVEAWAY!!!

by Angela on April 18, 2014

I just wanted to share some exciting news with you today!  Craftsy is an online mecca of creativity with hundreds of classes in quilting, sewing, knitting, cake decorating, art, photography, cooking and more!!  They bring the world’s best instructors to you. You get to learn at your own pace with easy-to-follow HD video lessons that you can access on your computer, phone or tablet anytime, anywhere, forever.


I thought that if you love DIY as much as me, that’s probably why you visit my blog?!?  So I thought this would be a GREAT resource for all of you crafters, DIYers and creators.  Best of all, Craftsy has agreed to give one of you a FREE PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS!!!

Just sign up here to Enter to Win a Free Craftsy Class!

We will close entries at 11:59 pm EST on April 28th.


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Anthro Knock-Off: Wire Script Sculpture

by Angela on April 16, 2014

Anthro Knock-Off  Be Still and Know-photo shot

 My bathroom saga continues and today it is with the back wall.  All good things, all good things…(done in an Olaf voice.  We have seen that movie one too many times!! ;) )  ANYWAY, it’s coming along and I’m VERY close to finishing it!

I have had some issues with the lighting for above the bathtub but I’ll share that another day.  Today I want to share the “artwork” that I made for this space.  I had seen a wire script sculpture on the Antropologie site that I thought was cool but the wording didn’t really go with this room and it was small for $48.  You can find the original HERE.

SO I decided to make my own.  BIGGER. And FOR FREE.  (I had everything on hand, but if you had to buy the supplies it would be less than $10.)

Supplies:  metal wire (medium gauge from the hardware store), side cutters,  jewelry wire (from craft store), larger paper, pencil, and straight edge

You want the wire to be substantial but easy to work with.

Anthro Knock-Off  Be Still and Know-1-171.  Use a large piece of butcher paper or craft paper and draw a top and bottom line for your lettering.  This will be dependent on how large you want your words.

2.  Then write out what you would like it to say in cursive within the lines.

Anthro Knock-Off  Be Still and Know-1-19

 2.  Cut of a piece of the larger wire (longer than you think you need) using the side cutters.

3.  Follow the template you made as closely as possible. ;)

This will take a little trial and error to figure out how it works best for you.  I was able to loop the wire around certain letters to make them a little stronger.  See the picture below.

Anthro Knock-Off  Be Still and Know-1-20

 To make letters like “w, m, and n” double the wire and then use the side cutters (not the part that will cut) to clamp down the bend.   Otherwise, you will have a bubble on the tip.

Anthro Knock-Off  Be Still and Know-1-21

 4.  For any letters that have overlapping wire, use the jewelry wire to secure.

Anthro Knock-Off  Be Still and Know-1-18

 The two letters that were the trickiest were the “t and i”.  Thankfully they were next to one another!  I used a leftover piece and made a circle on one end then wrapped it around the “t’s” stem.

Anthro Knock-Off  Be Still and Know-1-5

 5.  Spray paint or not.  I chose to spray paint mine but you can just leave it a silver color. :)

Anthro Knock-Off  Be Still and Know-1-16

 It was really hard to get a good photo of it because it is slightly raised off the wall and the window creates a shadow.

Anthro Knock-Off  Be Still and Know-1-12

 The Bible verse is from Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.”  It’s a good reminder when I’m getting ready in the morning for my day and going to bed at night.  Life gets hectic and I need to slow down and spend the first and last part of my day with God.

Here’s the breakdown for this project:

Difficulty:  easy

Time to make:  <1 hour

Cost:  <$10

I saved $48 and the best part: this project is completely customize-able! ;)


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This post brought to you by Integrity Windows and Doors . All opinions are 100% mine.

I have been contemplating some changes in my dining room, these last few months.  A few years ago I made my table and have found a few items that I definitely want to keep, but I think it’s time to do a little updating!  I we added some wallpaper but that was right after we moved in and it is getting dingy so I think it’s time for a complete overhaul on the walls.   I am hoping to start on this BIG project sometime later this year, but for now I’ll just show you what my dream would be for this room!

Here’s my dining room inspiration board:

dining room inspiration mood board [click to continue…]

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Last week was our school’s Spring Break.  We decided to take a Canadian vacation because my oldest daughter had been working on a project about Niagara Falls and suggested we go.  Since it’s only an 8 hour drive from our house we decided to spend a few days there and then go to Toronto.  (It was opening weekend for baseball and my husband wanted to see a Blue Jays game!!)

Niagara Falls from the Skylor Tower

Things have changed a little since the last time we were in Canada.  All adults need a passport and kids over the age of 15.  Luckily we all have passports, so it wasn’t an issue.  But if you are considering a trip, make sure you have all your documents! ;) [click to continue…]

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Spring Flower Craft


 I have elementary age girls, which means we do a lot of “crafting” in our house!  We  They like to come up with ways to use “trash” in their crafts.  (And by trash I mean leftover cereal boxes and junk mail!)  For our purposes today we will call it recycling, because TECHNICALLY that’s what it is! […]

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BORED Free Printable: Perfect Reminder for Your Kids


Last week a friend posted a picture on Facebook with the word BORED as an acronym.  I though it was such a GREAT idea to use with my girls!!  During the school week I seldom hear the word bored, but with summer coming up I have a feeling I might need this more often! Here’s […]

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Master Bathroom Progress: Custom NO SEW Roman Shade


I’ve been making some progress on my master bathroom!  I have all the painting done and only a few more things to finish on the vanity and a light (I’m making). So today is nothing big, but more of an update. Share on Facebook

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Anthropologie Library Letter Knock-Off


I’m a sucker for Antropologie!  I love the eclectic and time-worn feel that the store gives off!  They like to put you into a trance so you don’t realize how much money you are spending!  They sell certain one-0f-a-kind things that can’t be duplicated but others that are total DIY projects waiting to happen.  (And […]

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DIY Built In Shelving for My Bathroom


Since we have moved into this house, we have had to trek back and forth to the girl’s bathroom for towels.  The only storage in our master bathroom has been under our sink, but that is always full of other bathroom STUFF, leaving nowhere for towels.  Our bathroom isn’t small but finding a solution to […]

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3 Inexpensive and EASY Ways to Add Spring Colors to Your Home


 Happy Spring! (If you can call it that…we are still getting snow?!?)  I’m excited to be joining 14 other bloggers today to share our Spring Home Tours.   Since it’s been a while since I’ve shown you any living room updates, I thought it was the perfect time!! My “style” is constantly evolving (or as my […]

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