Give Back: Do Good on a GRAND Scale

We were made to THRIVE

Last weekend I attended the Haven Conference.  It’s primarily for DIY bloggers and it’s ALWAYS a great time.  Last year the closing speaker was from Habitat for Humanity and he had challenged us to “do good on a grand scale.”  I have to say, it was very emotional and motivating.  I had big plans to […]


EASY Slow Cooker BBQ-1-14.jpg

A few months ago we went on a weekend trip and stopped in Nashville, IN for the morning.  Before we left we decided to grab lunch at a local restaurant.  While we were ordering the waitress suggested we try their nacho appetizer, so without much thought we decided to go for it.  HOLY COW…they were delicious!!

Homemade Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub-1-4.jpg

Last year we went on a road trip and one of our stops was Savannah, GA  and Tybee Island.  I was amazed at how many restaurants had salt or sugar scrubs on the counter in the bathroom.  Most of the restaurants served “finger” foods like fried chicken or crab and the scrub was to help clean your […]


EASY Slow Cooker BBQ-1-6.jpg

Most of you know that I grew up in Texas.  Texas has some of the BEST barbecue, in my opinion.   A year after we were married we moved to Pennsylvania and I had a HARD time finding some of my favorite foods like BBQ and TexMex, so I had to start making my own. […]

DIY Grill Station using ProBond Advanced

DIY Grill Station

This post brought to you by Elmer’s ProBond Advanced. All opinions are 100% mine. I have dreamed about having a fancy, stone-covered grilling station for years.  The problem was the expensive price tag.   So, I decided to make my own!  I didn’t want something stationary because our grill is on our deck and needs to […]