Letting GO

Life is a balance

As most of you probably know (from social media) I spent this last weekend in Atlanta at the Haven Conference.  It was an amazing weekend, filled with hugs, laughter, camaraderie and passion.  Passion for our profession (Yes, blogging is a profession…I can’t believe I just said that!) and passion for our readers.  I had an amazing time but it was exhausting… very little sleep leading up to it and not a whole lot while I was there.  

The one thing I noticed  was NO one and NONE of the sessions talked about burnout.  It can happen to the best of us, can’t it?!?  Even though no one was coming out and saying it, I left most sessions feeling like I needed to stop what I was doing.   I am burned out.  My creativity is fading and I need a break. [Continue reading…]