Upcycled Lamp Shades | Cake Stand

Upcycled Lamp Shade  Cake or Plant Stand-1-7

If you’ve been to a thrift store recently, you have probably seen a section FULL of old outdated lampshades.  What you might not realize is that there are SO many uses for those old, ugly things! ;)

To reuse these shades, they need to have good “bones.”  (Check the frame before buying!)  The fabric should come off fairly easily and leave you with a fun geometric shape.  I have a few that I’ve held onto over the years.  I use them mostly to elevate things on tables.  But if you search Pinterest for “old lampshades” you find quite a few ways to re-use them.

Most people just either turn them back into a fun lampshade or baskets, but today I thought I would show you how I upcycle lamp shades! [Continue reading...]