Chipotle Ranch Chicken Flatbread Appetizer & Chardonnay

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This post is sponsored by Mirassou but you can be sure all the opinions are mine! (content for 21+)

Get a fast and easy recipe for Chipotle Ranch Chicken Flatbread.  Pair this appetizer with a Mirassou Chardonnay for easy entertaining!

Holiday parties (from Thanksgiving to New Year’s) are centered around food and drinks.  If you decide to host a party you can simplify both of theses for easy and stress-free entertaining!  One of my favorite appetizers is this Chipotle Ranch Chicken Flatbread.

Here are the ingredients:  store bought flatbread or Naan (I used Naan because it’s a little studier for finger food.), shredded mozzarella cheese,  pesto, cooked and diced chicken, sliced cherry or grape tomatoes, and chipotle ranch dressing. [Continue reading…]