$9 Bathtub Makeover

$9 Bathtub Makeover-1-9

My bathroom has slowly gotten updated, but the one thing that really hadn’t been touched was the ginormous soaker tub.  Honestly, I’m not a “bath person” so it rarely gets used.  I wanted to give is a simple update, without spending much money.  So, here was my inspiration picture…

Budget Friendly Office Makeover

Use a Gift Bag as Artwork-1-9

Ok so you’ve seen bits and pieces of my new-to-me office space but I thought it would be nice to get the whole room in one place.    This space was done on a very small budget but I don’t think you can tell…at least I hope you can’t.

DIY Shed Awning {Quick and EASY}

DIY Shed Awning

 The previous homeowners of our current house had a shed built right before they put the house on the market.  It’s wonderful having the extra storage but it’s not the prettiest feature of our backyard.  I have tried a few things over the years to make it a little “cuter” but nothing has really worked. […]