I Can’t Stop Painting Stripes!

Gold Striped Guest Bedroom (1 of 1)-12

 If you follow me on Pinterest or Facebook, then you probably already know that I got the crazy idea to spray paint my walls!  AND after painting horizontal stripes in the living room, I thought it would be a fabulous idea to add some vertical ones in the guest bedroom.  Well, here’s how it went […]

Master Bedroom Progress

Antique Framed Map at Unexpected Elegance (1 of 1)-2

I am constantly changing my “style.”  Well, to put it better…tweaking.  Over the years I have come to the realization that no matter HOW much I love heels, they just aren’t for me.  In the “shoe department” I am more of a comfort over fashion kind of girl.  Don’t get me wrong, they need to […]

Project FAIL

before (1 of 1)

Things don’t always go as I plan.  Well, technically there are very little things in life that go EXACTLY as planned.  This project on the other hand, went nothing as planned. I found a door at Habitat ReStore that I wanted to make into a tall mirror for our bedroom.  Good idea, right?  It was […]

Find IT For Less and New Bedside Dresser

New Bedside Table at Unexpected Elegance (1 of 1)

 Well, it doesn’t look like I will be slowing down any time soon! Last weekend I had The Vintage Farmhouse Spring Market and in two weeks I will be at Restyled’s Barn Sale.  No rest for the weary, I guess.  So on Tuesday my treasuring began… I don’t have long to “restock!”