barn wood table tutorial

mark boards with arrows-1

Well, I’m finally getting around to doing a tutorial for the barn wood table! This project was fairly simple, but somewhat time consuming.  I only had to construct the top, and we used the original table base and a few simple tools. Tools and Supplies used: circular saw speed square sander clamps Kreg jig drill […]

life {in} grace girls feature

edie kitchen

I mentioned in my post about Blissdom that I had met Edie, from Life {in} Grace blog.  She is such a wonderful person, and recently she started a “sister” blog, Life In Grace Girls. It’s mostly about all of us {even you!!} sharing what we are passionate about with others. Today, she has featured my nursery makeover.  Hopefully […]

thank you God for MUD


Thank you God for mud!  It provides endless hours of entertainment for so many children, mine included!  It means that you have given us water to feed our lovely yards, and grown men an excuse to play with their toys in the open fields! 😉 But most importantly, it is a reminder of your grace! “He lifted me […]

The Pioneer Woman


Today has been a fun-filled long day!  It was the first of a two day yard sale at my house.  A few of my neighbors and I have gotten together to share the work of the sale. If you remember what happened last year, it was a little crazy!  Fortunately, this year was a little […]



It was a very odd end to winter, here in Indiana!  We had days of record highs…we’re talking 80’s people!  Normally this time of year it’s still pretty cold, so this weather is throughing everything off.  I love warm weather so I was glad to see the warm temps, but I sure hope it doesn’t […]

Barn Wood Table

final table-2

A few months ago, I worked on a table for a friend.  I had found some old barn wood from an old farm that was being torn down.  I so wish I would have been able to take more, but I don’t have a place to store it!  I made the new top and used […]


This morning as I sat through the worship portion of our church service, the word “help” kept coming up.  The first song I didn’t think a lot about it, but the second one has stuck with me.  It’s a song by Kristian Stanfill.  Here are some of the lyrics “Always” My foes are many, they […]

Pinterest Challenge Day 5: Half Door


OK, so remember what I said about all the “pretty” pictures you pin?  If you don’t remember, it was something like: “replicate what you liked from the picture.”  I decided that’s what I would use for my last challenge.  I had pinned a few pictures of some half doors a few weeks ago.  I love […]