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Today will be the last day for homemade gift tutorials, and next week I will do a wrap-up. A few of you probably know that I’ve already done a tutorial for silverware necklace charms, but today I thought I would show a super EASY method for this.  These literally take minutes to make.

You need three things for this project:  vintage silverware with pretty handle, rubber mallet, and bolt cutters.

 Start by putting your thumb where you want the bend.  Then use your hands to bend it over about half way.  Hopefully the picture below will explain it better. {You have to use really old silverware for this tutorial.  If the piece has stainless steel, it will be very difficult to work with!}

 Move down about 3/4″ from the bend and use the bolt cutter to make a straight cut.

Lastly, use the mallet to finish bending.  I suggest doing this on something soft, so it doesn’t scratch the silver too much.

To find a few other variations of this tutorial, check them out here.

This is a great gift for a jewelry lover.  I have also used family silverware pieces to make these charms.  This is a great way to practically use a family heirloom!



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