{my version of} Ice Dyeing

Ice Dying-1-8

Last week I stumbled upon a post about ice dyeing.  Honestly, I had never even heard of this before.  It looked pretty easy and the results were beautiful.  Unfortunately, the one store I went to only had liquid dye (powdered dye was suggested), so I changed up the tutorial sightly…but I think the results come […]

$9 Bathtub Makeover

$9 Bathtub Makeover-1-9

My bathroom has slowly gotten updated, but the one thing that really hadn’t been touched was the ginormous soaker tub.  Honestly, I’m not a “bath person” so it rarely gets used.  I wanted to give is a simple update, without spending much money.  So, here was my inspiration picture…

DIY Video Tutorials


Recently I teamed up with Sara from sincerely, sara d., and we’ve been creating DIY tutorial videos…which I’m sure you’ve noticed.  What you might not realize is that I now have a YouTube channel where you can find all my tutorials in one place.  We have had so much fun sharing our passion with you on […]