{my version of} Ice Dyeing

Ice Dying-1-8

Last week I stumbled upon a post about ice dyeing.  Honestly, I had never even heard of this before.  It looked pretty easy and the results were beautiful.  Unfortunately, the one store I went to only had liquid dye (powdered dye was suggested), so I changed up the tutorial sightly…but I think the results come […]


DIY 10 Minute Wristlet

  Another day, another gift idea! 😉  This gift would be great for most women, including a teenager!  It’s very simple and fairly inexpensive. Supplies needed for DIY wristlet:  a craft handbag (found at most craft stores), painters tape (I prefer FrogTape for textured surfaces), spray paint, tassel or charm

10 Minute Halloween Craft | Monster Caramel Apples

MONSTER Caramel Apples-1-9

Ok, so I will admit I MIGHT be having a little too much fun with this whole Halloween Craft thing!?!  My youngest daughter walked into our dining room yesterday and said it was “creeping her out”…in a good way! 😉 The girls also thought these MONSTER CARAMEL APPLES were “awesome” ….  So here’s another fun […]