DECORating with Chalkboards


I may have a (small) obsession with chalkboards.   I have them scattered throughout my home.  I love chalkboards because they make a big impact with little cost, and they work with different decor styles.   Chalkboards can be painted on anything from a wall to a fridge.  And once you start painting chalkboards, they do become […]

DIY Geometric Artwork

Black and White Bulletin Board-1-10

Ok, I have another really fun and INEXPENSIVE piece of “artwork” for you!  I say artwork loosely, because it’s really a cork board.  I’m using it more as artwork now but eventually I think it will move into my office.  Now when I say inexpensive, it was around $12 for the 36″x36″ board…that’s huge for […]

DIY Gift Bag Art

Use a Gift Bag as Artwork-1-6

Artwork can be so expensive, especially larger pieces…but there is always a way to get around it.  You can make your own from a large piece of scrap wood, architectural salvage or GIFT BAGS!  Yes, a gift bag can make the perfect piece of wall art. 😉 Have you been down the gift packaging aisle […]