Cause We Are Living in a Pinterest World…

How to embrace Pinterest without losing your self-esteem

PINTEREST is all anyone is talking about anymore… Over the last few months I have heard it said over and over again that “we live in a Pinterest world”.  Every time I’ve heard it, it’s been in a somewhat derogatory tone.  They say it to point out how unrealistic we, as a society, have become because […]

What are YOUR Expectations for the Holidays?

What are your expectations for the holidays-1-5

It’s a few days away from Thanksgiving and Christmas decor has EXPLODED in my house!  As you can see my home is in complete disarray.  Boxes are are everywhere, ornaments thrown about haphazardly and items placed on shelves waiting to find a home.  It will probably be like this for another day or so and I’m OK […]

Finding Gratitude in Unexpected Places

finding gratitude (1)

***This post is written by Michele from Imperfectly Wonderful World.***   In this season of Thanksgiving, it’s easy to find people talking about gratitude.  It’s only natural to reflect on all of the things we are thankful for this time of year.  If you’re on Facebook or any social media site then, you’re usually bombarded […]

Family School Year Journal

Our Family School Year Journal-1-8

When school starts we seem to go into overdrive mode.  You know what I mean…the evenings are filled with activities and practices.  Time goes by so fast and at the end of the year all my well intentioned list of “want to dos” is still just something I SHOULD have done.  My girls are growing […]

The Bible Study Challenge

Bible Study Challenge-1.jpg

I’m super excited to share this post by Michele, one of my new contributors and long-time friend!!  It’s a little different from what you would normally find here and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! I’m going to be honest. This blog post is for my own sake as much as […]

Answering the NUDGE

Way back in the day (circa 1999) I was a poor college student.  Life was grand!  I didn’t need much and was happy eating cold pizza everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (No joke!  It was only $3.99 for a large from Mr. Gatti’s and it was a full days worth of meals!)  Back then, […]