what IS it about?


As most of you know, this last weekend I attended my first ever blogging conference.  It was truly a wonderful experience, but a mix of emotions for me.  I don’t consider myself a true blogger in the sense that I am a “successful” blogger (according to my own standards).  Upon the conclusion of the weekend, […]

time flies when your having fun

sandy feet

Is it just me or does everyone say  “Once I get through (this week,  month, etc.) I’ll have more time to…”?  Yet, lately it seems once I finish one thing there are a million others waiting to take their place!  I mean I can’t complain about what’s been going on lately.  It’s been FUN stuff, […]

The Shabby Chick Blog

shabby 1

Tomorrow I am leaving for a seven day cruise with my husband.  I am very excited!  It’s a much needed vaca for just the two of us.  So, I will be away for my responsibilities laptop for over a week.  February is going to be CR-AZY!! I thought I would leave you with this wonderful […]