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This past week has been so relaxing and just what the doctor ordered!! I have literally not gotten on the computer more than a handful of times (my phone and iPad, don’t count!) the entire week. I have slept late, started catching up on some housework, spent time with my family, and just done what I want! It has felt fabulous!!!!

Christmas day, was a lazy day and I started working on the girl’s loft. That thing was a complete disaster! It has been a playroom since we moved in and I’m transforming it for them into more of a hangout/craftroom. They are very excited about the progress so far.

Here’s some of the images I have of our Christmas break, so far…

Christmas morning

Christmas morining

Our BEFORE table…

Before Christmas Dinner

Our AFTER table…

AFTER Christmas Dinner

The day after Christmas we had a blizzard and all the kids had fun playing in the snow! 😉

Snow Day

First snowman of the season.


Once the roads were cleared, we went sledding.


Today, I’m having some fun of my own…working on the loft!! :)

Have a great weekend!


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