{almost} finished girl’s room

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So if you remember, from a few months ago, that I had started re-decorating the girl’s room and you thought I would never finish… you are not alone.  Actually, my girls thought the very same thing.  So as I was in the middle of packing for two trips, I decided to finish their room {crazy!}.

Here are some of the pictures I took before I left.

I got the letters above their beds at Hobby Lobby, but they did not have an “M”.  So she got the “L” from the playroom, until I could find the matching “M”.  Fortunately, I found one at the HL in Houston and it has traveled all over with me! :/

The bed/beds can you read about here.

Just about everything else in the room, I already had.  {I just scavenged the house. 😉 }

This dresser was in the hall originally.  Now I need a new table/dresser for the hall again!

The doll house was made by my husband’s grandfather for my sister-in-law and we inherited it a few years ago.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL doll house and gets played with often. {Mostly at night when my youngest should be sleeping…}

This chalkboard has been sitting along the wall in my garage.  I just made an easy banner out of green and white bakers twine and scrap-booking paper.

I got the bi-fold doors at Habitat Restore for Horton’s but decided this room needed some height in the corner and the doors work perfectly.  I can always borrow them, if I need to.

This wall with the the picture frames is the un-finished part of the room.  I am NOT happy with it, but ran out of time.  That will get re-worked later!

I have been looking for MONTHS for new hardware for this dresser.  I didn’t want to repaint it, so I wanted the hardware to match the holes perfectly.  Well, without any luck I took matters in my own hands.

A pair of side-cutters and a few minutes later, I had “new” hardware.  {From top to bottom:  old hardware, leftover carnage, and the finished pieces.}

This makeover started with the Lord’s Prayer sampler my mother-in-law had made years ago for my husband’s great-grandparents.  You can read about it here.



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  1. says

    Gorgeous room! My girls have the same initials and let me just say, my oldest would vastly prefer this room to her existing insanity. It’s stunning!

  2. Nanc says

    Wow! That’s so cute. I’m sure your girls love it. Just curious: Why the blackboard? By the scheme of things, I’d guess the girls were 13-15. Why not a cork board? Just a thought.

    • says

      Nanc, they are 4 & 6. They are in the phase where they love to draw and play house and school. The chalkboard actually gets used a LOT! :)

  3. Jeannine says

    I really love this! We are moving in a week and I’ve been filing away ideas to make my girls room spectacular (ages 4 & 9)…what color did you paint the dresser? Thank you for this idea, I’ll send you some pics as I progress!!!!

    • says

      Jeannine, the color was something I mixed together with leftover paint. It’s a blueish color and has some white underneath peaking through.
      I LOVE to see the progress!

  4. says

    Delightful! I’m with you…stalling on projects til the craziest moments. I’m just finishing up one of the kids’ bedrooms (and it happens to have two girls in it, too!), and I loved seeing your final touches. Love the beds. Love the dresser. Love the curtains! I still have to make the curtains… probably my biggest stall. I can sew just fine…it’s just getting started that is hard for me. Maybe if I need to pack for a trip???

    You did this room beautifully. Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com


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