new kitchen curtains for LESS

Kitchen Door Curtains

This past weekend was the only weekend in September that I will be home without anything major going on, so Scott and I decided to go to the BMW Championship golf tournament.  We actually had a lot of fun watching all the golfers come through and got to spend some time with friends.  Sunday I […]

Faux Roman Shades: Check


I am really sorry, I’ve been a blogging slacker!  I have actually accomplished a lot since last week, but unfortunately I haven’t taken the time for pictures or to tell you about it.  (I have been blogging since July, so you would think I would have the hang of it by now!) Well, one of […]

Customizing a Nursery

Well, today I’m being a little lazy…I think I’m still recovering from my vacation! I decided I would share some ideas I had for my second daughters nursery. These pictures were taken a little over two years ago, in our last house, but I think I can describe everything I did. I am not a […]