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Well as most of you know, I’ve been traveling and haven’t had much time to sit at my computer.  I have asked a few of my creative friends to guest post while I am away.  Hayley just started blogging about her sewing creations a few months ago, so I’m excited to share her with you today!


Hey y’all!  My name is Hayley and I blog over at Not So Mellow Designs!  I am
a quasi-newbie at blogging – been doing it for almost 4 years for my family and friends, but just recently started blogging about my creations for my etsy shop.  I have made it my summer goal to start adding upcycled items to the shop.
I am so excited (and a little nervous) to be here, at Unexpected Elegance!
This is my very first guest blog post!  Angela and I met back in our college days at Texas A&M.  Actually, her hubby dearest was my “mentor” in a business organization, and I believe Angela traveled abroad with a friend from my teeny, tiny hometown.  It’s such a small world!

Here in the sticks of East Texas, my favorite thing to do (when not wrangling them) is sew for my
kiddos.  I recently participated in Elsie Marley’s Kid’s Clothing Week Challenge and coincidentally enough, almost everything I made was upcycled from thrifted items!  It seemed only natural to do a little round-up of things that I have made form upcycled or thrifted items.

**disclaimer – These ideas are not new!  I get my inspiration
from all over blogland.  I do my best to always remember to link up accordingly!!**

First of all, the 5-strand braided dress.  I used a tutorial from Make It and Love It.  The shirt is a kid’s t-shirt that I found at Goodwill in The Woodlands (Houston suburb). 2nd nicest Goodwill store that I have ever been in (the first
being in West Hollywood, if you are curious).  Anywho, I hoarded this shirt for almost 3 years before I finally bit the bullet and made something with it.  I thought it was just so cute that I was afraid of messing it up.  And my Thing 1 – she loves the dress, though she is still not sure about the cloud with lightning; she knows lightning creates thunder and thunder is not a friend of hers!

Before – picture looks wonky because I accidentally took it upside
down.  Not sure how I did that!!

After – 5 Strand Braided Dress

Sewing for girls is so simple and fun that it’s easy to leave out the little boys!  Dana @ Made and Rae @ Made-by-Rae are good at celebrating the sweet boys out there, so I went to them for inspiration.  I used a pants pattern tutorial
from Dana to make some upcycled comfy pants for Thing 2.  They are not the prettiest thing I have ever sewn, but they are comfy and dark, which means he can get them as dirty as he wants!!

KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants

Plus, they are perfect for snatching big sister’s Dora ball!

KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants

My mom swears the “crafty” gene skipped a generation, as my grandma (Honey, as we call her) was an avid sewer.  There’s  picture of me floating around somewhere, wearing a “sweet” outfit for my 3rd grade spring pictures.  Let’s just say it was a sleeveless-pantsuit-one piece thing and leave it at that.  Ha!  Well, Honey is a hoarder.  I assume it is a side-effect of living through the Depression, but she does not throw anything away – and this includes tons of fun vintage sheets!  She has shared most of these with me and I have been slowly making my way through them.

From simple skirts…


To baby bibs…

To fun summer pinafore tops (Pattern by Too Sweets – have you tried them?  If not, you should.  This pinafore
can be made in two DVR’d episoes of Friends…just sayin’.)

I think little bro would look precious in a matching tie!

I am also using vintage sheets from Honey to make a full-sized quilt for Thing 1’s big girl bed.  I have the pieces cut, but I haven’t gotten around to actually putting it together.  One day!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to re-purposing old clothes, vintage textiles, and upcycled items!  I hope that has inspired you to hit up the thrift shops, scavenge through granny’s old trunks (with permission, of course!) and see the clothes in your “to donate” pile in a new light!

For even more ideas, Skirt as Top in conjunction with Craftiness is Not Optional hosted “Vintage May.”  Check out their final round-up.

Thanks again, Angela!!


I had scheduled one other guest post, but we are having some technical difficulties with the pictures.  Hopefully I will get that all worked out soon!

I’m spending this week shopping {auctions, flea markets, antique stores…my kind of shopping! 😉 }.  If you’d like to see what I’m up to daily, you can follow me on Instagram.  My user name is unexpectedelegance.


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