Pinterest Challenge Day 3: Loopy Skirt

Today I make a loop skirt for my 3 yr. old.  Here’s the original from Joyfolie.  You can find the full tutorial here.


The loops were easy to make, but it got a little tricky sewing them to the ribbon.  If you noticed the second picture and the third are different.  The skirt is reversible!

My model was pretty cute, so I got a little carried away with our photo shoot! :)



Difficulty:  Somewhat {you will need basic sewing skills}

Time it took: ~ 1 hour

Cost:  $4 {spool of ribbon and (2) $1 Goodwill t-shirts}

Finished Product:  Cute!  {Needs some short underneath}

Savings:  Definitely saved some $$, but not sure how much.

Tomorrow I will be in the kitchen.  Should be fun!




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