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This week at The CSI Project, the theme is Pottery Barn Inspired.  I decided to re-post my PB inspired clock face.  Here is the tutorial and some updated pictures.


Alright, I’ll admit it…I’m a little bit of a NERD! In my spare time, meaning minutes at a time, I look back over catalogs. So, yesterday, while the girls were taking their nap, I revisited my Pottery Barn mag. Here’s something that caught my eye. (It’s different every time!)

Pottery Barn

I loved the clock face on the wall!  My husband is normally really great about letting me run with my ideas. So after we put the girls to bed last night I “ran” to Joann. I bought two hoops and some wooden sticks.

I removed the outer hoop and started working around the, soon to be, clock face. I used Gorilla Glue, but I’m sure wood glue would work too. I did not cut any of the sticks before I put them on, I just tried to line up the inside and leave the overhang on the outer edge.

The “X” was the trickiest and I just used whatever I could find to hold them down. I let it dry overnight.

This morning I took a razor and scored the sticks where I needed to remove them.

Then I used a pair of pliers to break them off. Try not to pull on the wood, it will splinter. Just hold the stick, so it doesn’t detach and work the pliers up and down. It will remove the wood clean.

Here’s the “cleaned up” version.

Then I used some leftover spray paint. (My husband jokes that I am loosing “LOTS” of brain cells with all the spray painting I do…but it truly will transform just about anything!)

And here’s the finished project. I am not sure where it will go permanently, but I was so excited, I wanted to share it!

What do ya think?? Looks a lot like the PB pic, don’t you think!

To see a few of my other PB inspired projects click on the pictures below!

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