quick kitchen makeover {lazy woman’s version}


I’ve got the spring bug.  You know the one that causes you to want to change everything…lighter and brighter (or just different)?

It seems like every year around this time, I start changing things around.  I’m still working on the girl’s bedroom, but I’ve also started playing around with my kitchen.

I thought I would be re-painting it, it would be fourth time in 3 years, but I think I’m just going to go an easier route.  I found some tea towels that I like and a few other accessories.  {There will be some pink involved! 😉 }




I’m also ready to change out the hardware for something a little more fun.  This is what I have now:

I’m thinking of going with something like this:

Any thoughts on the knobs?

This is a picture I took a few months ago.  It will give you an idea of the wall color.

And lastly I want to use these to make two shelves.

Simple changes, but I’m really excited about them.  What do you think??



tea towels:  West Elm & World Market
candles & soap organizer:  Target
Hardware:  Hobby Lobby
Brackets:  Anthropologie
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  1. says

    Oh Angela, your kitchen is so gorgeous! Anything you do will just be like the cherry on top. :-) I love those new knobs and think they would be beautiful against the cabinet color. Your new towels are fantastic too!

    • says

      Thanks, Vanessa! I am actually going to use a couple of different knobs I think? I went back to HL today and found one I like in the same color. I might stay up late “playing” tonight! 😉

    • says

      Rondell, thanks! I’m playing around in my kitchen right now…I’m getting excited with the little changes and have moved into the living room as well. I NEED TO BE STOPPED! :)

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