New Entry Furniture Just in Time for the Holidays

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A few weeks ago, I was mandated to “CLEAN” out the garage! Believe me it was warranted, but I had a lot of great stuff that I wasn’t ready to just get rid of.  Some things made it to the shops and others to Craigslist, but this piece found a place in my entry.

I bought it the weekend I went to the Country Living Fair.  I found it at the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market for a steal.  It was from an old barn and was pretty gross on the inside.  After a good scrub, I love how it fills in the space and is much more substantial from what I had there before.

 It’s got really cool hardward.

 And interesting construction.

 There is some water damage on the right side, but I’m OK with it.  {Just adds to the character, right!?!}

Now it’s time to start decorating it for Christmas! ;)  No really!  I’m pulling out the tree this weekend.  When do you start decorating for Christmas?

Have a great Thursday!


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      Adam, I got it at World Market last year. I checked recently for a friend and they didn’t have them at our store anymore. Good luck with your search!

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