DIY Grill Station using ProBond Advanced

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DIY Grill Station-1-15.jpg

I have dreamed about having a fancy, stone-covered grilling station for years.  The problem was the expensive price tag.   So, I decided to make my own!  I didn’t want something stationary because our grill is on our deck and needs to be moved.  My solution was to attach the stone directly to our grill.  :)

This is what it looked like last week.

Grill BEFORE I started by building a frame to fit under the grill’s “wings”.   I used 1×2’s  and 2″ screws to construct the frames.

If you are doing this yourself, just measure the dimensions carefully.  Unfortunately, every grill is different so I can’t give you exact dimensions.  Also make sure to add a middle support for more stability.


For the front and side I decided to use metal sheeting.  I found this at the hardware store in the aisle with duct material.   I laid the frame on top of the sheeting and used a sharpie to make my mark.

DIY Grill Station-1-3.jpg

 Tin snips cut the metal easily.  Be sure to use gloves when cutting metal for safety.

DIY Grill Station-1-4.jpg

 To attach the metal to the frame I used a new product by Elmer’s, called ProBond Advanced.  ProBond Advanced is the perfect multi-surface adhesive for bonding mixed materials, like wood to metal without any of the foam residue.  It’s has a 100% weatherproof and performance guarantee, all while eliminating the hassle of foam residue

DIY Grill Station-1-5.jpg

 To allow the product to bond successfully, I laid the metal on a flat surface with the frame over it, and then placed some heavy objects on the top of the frame.

DIY Grill Station-1-6.jpg

The ProBond gave me a strong bond and held the metal and wood together great!

Here are the finished frames.  They are amazingly light, too!

Frame for Stone Surround.jpg

 To attach the frames to the grill, I used the pre-existing holes on the sides and drilled a few extra holes under the “wings”.

DIY Grill Station-1-10.jpg

DIY Grill Station-1-11.jpg

I got the stone veneer and recommended adhesive at the hardware store.  It was really easy to work with and I only needed two boxes to complete this project.  (You can cut it with a hacksaw. :) )

I recommend that you start in the corners and from the bottom.

DIY Grill Station-1-7.jpg

 The whole process took me a few days but I think it came out great!!

You can see from this picture that there is a gap under the stone. (Remember, I wanted to be able to move mine around.)

DIY Grill Station-1-13.jpg

To give it the appearance of a built-in, I found two larger pieces of stone (also from the hardware store, outside in the garden section) to put under each side.

DIY Grill Station-1-16.jpg

 This project cost me around $150 total.   That’s a LOT less than you could purchase something like this pre-made.
DIY Grill Station-1-18.jpg

DIY Grill Station

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  1. says

    I love it, Angela! Not only does it look great, but storms blow our grill all over the place. This would definitely prevent our grill from rolling around. Nice job!

  2. says

    You are Super Girl!!! For all of us who want a lovely outdoor kitchen, this is a marvelous idea. Now, if all had your skills!

    • says

      Yes, we still cover it. The cover we bought has snaps on the side to make it tight, but it fits perfect went we don’t snap it.

  3. ann says

    Wow Genius!! I have wanted to do the same thing but worried about the cost as well as the materials . But now that I see how easily it can be done as well as the cost savings I have to give it a try. I may even go a little bigger. I think I will try your project but continue the framing to the side to make a counter top as well. I will let you know how it comes out.

  4. Brad says

    This looks great. I was wondering if you had the product info for the stone’s. Manufacturer etc..


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