Christmas Open House and Advertising

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Tomorrow is the open house at Horton’s!  This morning I went to set-up and got a sneak peak at what Karen’s been  doing for weeks to get ready for it!

Here’s my space…


Of course my camera died after I took two photos, so sorry about the low quality! :(

And here’s just a peek at Karen’s space…

 If you live close and have time tomorrow, go check out the store.  They were busy finishing up today and making lots of their fabulous fudge!


Yesterday I decided to open up advertising on my sidebar.  I’m giving a discount to the first 10 sponsors.  {$10 a month for a 150×150 button}  If you are interested you can click on the advertising link above or contact me directly at

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    This life of yours looks like so much – a know a lot of hard work goes into it too. But, how fun to not only create beauty around you, but to scour the countryside collecting fabulous things for resale. And THEN to get to see so many beautiful and amazing items from other vendors too.

    Good luck and good sales to you.

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