Spring Flower Craft

Egg Carton Flower Craft-1-12

 I have elementary age girls, which means we do a lot of “crafting” in our house!  We  They like to come up with ways to use “trash” in their crafts.  (And by trash I mean leftover cereal boxes and junk mail!)  For our purposes today we will call it recycling, because TECHNICALLY that’s what it is! […]

Mantel Update for Spring

Spring Fever at Unexpected Elegance

How’s your week going?  Mine is slowly and busily chugging along.  It seems my brain is in hibernation mode lately {I’ve been so forgetful and NO I’m not pregnant!} and the weather has been downright ugly.  So to jump start my thinking and brighten my mood, I though I would add a little “SPRING” cheer […]

Easter Party for under $30: Part 1


As I mentioned, I am having an Easter party for my girls and a few of their friends.   The guest list is only 12 kids under the age of 6, so it will be pretty small.  I decided that I didn’t want to go crazy with spending and wanted everything to be super simple, so […]

eighteen25 Feature: Easter Crafts


I am preparing for an Easter party for my girls in a few weeks, and have been scouring my favorite blogs and websites for ideas.  One of my favorite blogs to get craft ideas, is eighteen25.  The three sisters, Jen, Jamie, and Jodie live within miles of each other and share their blog.  It has […]

Spring Mantel


It’s finally feeling like Spring, here!!  I am so ready to be outside and get my hands dirty. To complete the mood, I updated my mantel.  I really liked the mirrors I used for Christmas, so they stayed.  It’s very simple, but the large glass jar adds some drama. We got this large jar from […]