New DIY Entry Table- For UNDER $15

DIY Entry Table-1-12

Since we’ve moved into our house (6.5 years ago), I have struggled with our entry way.  It’s a small space with a large wall.  Last year I decided to add  faux planks to give the space some texture…The planks did wonders and brightened up the entry but the furniture still had me stumped. We needed […]

Ikea Dresser Update

Updated Ikea Dresser-1-11

How does the time fly by so quickly, without me realizing?  It feels like just a year (maybe a year and a half) ago that I worked on the girl’s bedroom.  Well thanks to my trusty blog posts I can tell you it’s been a whole lot longer…over 3 years.  Their room is in desperate need […]

Thrifty Gardening

flower pots-1-8

I have one small and EASY secret to share with you about gardening.  Let me start off this post by saying that I’m not in any way, shape or form a real gardener.  I have trouble remembering to water and never really know what to plant when.  BUT I have learned a few tricks over that […]

Chalk Transfer Tutorial {Video Series}

Chalkboard Transfer Method Tutorial

Have you ever looked at a beautiful chalkboard and thought “I wish I had handwriting like that!”?  Well, there is a little trick that makes designing your next chalkboard a snap!! 😉 Check out Sara’s video tutorial for all the little tricks!! The supplies used in this tutorial can be found here:  china marker & […]