Budget Friendly Office Makeover

Use a Gift Bag as Artwork-1-9

Ok so you’ve seen bits and pieces of my new-to-me office space but I thought it would be nice to get the whole room in one place.    This space was done on a very small budget but I don’t think you can tell…at least I hope you can’t.

Office Swap: Desk Transformation

Office desk transformation-1-6

Do you remember a few years back when I  showed you my office space?  I loved that space and the best part was that it was upstairs and I could close the door on my mess.  (Unfortunately, it was ALWAYS a mess!)  But times are changing and so is our family.  I don’t have a […]

DIY Mirrored Cabinet

Office mirrored cabinet at Unexpected Elegnace

Today I thought I would go into a little more detail about my office makeover, and share my mirrored cabinet project. I got this cabinet for $10 off of Craigslist.  I’m pretty sure it was from Ikea?  It’s made of particle board, but had really nice glass doors.

FINISHED Office Makeover

Organized Craft supplies at Unexpected Elegance

Well, it’s hard to believe that it’s finally “finished!”  I have sorted and organized and labeled every last inch of this room.  (And done a little decorating, of course.)  Furniture has been moved numerous times, replaced and reworked, leaving me with what I think is a high functioning space…IF I can keep it this way!

An Office Update…It’s NOT Much!

Before photo of mess

If I have ever given you the impression that I have it all together, then I am truly sorry!  That is a very false impression!  My close friends and family, know the truth. Today this is what my office looks like (or as Scott calls it, “junk room”)  And in full disclosure, this is pretty […]

French Doors for the Office

Office doors

One of the many reasons I love blogging, is the fact that I’m held accountable.  It’s really hard to specify “WHO” is holding this accountability over my head, but I guess it would be all of you reading this right now. There are things that I purposefully put on my blog and state that it […]

Spring Cleaning in the Office

antique gun

Our office can be seen from most rooms in our downstairs.  It is technically my husband’s, but has become a dumping ground for everyone.  The task of organizing and cleaning the shelves has seemed overwhelming, so it has just been neglected.   But as you know, dust does not take a break.  The room needed to […]

The Chair is FINISHED!


I am SO thankful to be finished with this project!  I had trouble with every step.  One of the reasons it has taken so long to finish up the sewing part was that I have 3, T.H.R.E.E., sewing machines…and couldn’t use ONE of them.  I needed a zipper foot to do the piping, which was […]

Faux Roman Shades: Check


I am really sorry, I’ve been a blogging slacker!  I have actually accomplished a lot since last week, but unfortunately I haven’t taken the time for pictures or to tell you about it.  (I have been blogging since July, so you would think I would have the hang of it by now!) Well, one of […]