10 Winter Outfits That Will Transition to Spring

Are you guys feeling the winter blahs?  I am!  At the beginning of fall and winter I look forward to getting out my sweaters, scarves, and boots, but by the end of winter, I’m longing for spring.  I had to dig around in my closet to remember what winter clothes I haven’t worn recently because […]


Fall Fashion Ideas

This post is written by Michelle from Imperfectly Wonderful World. **************** Here are some outfits to help you transition into fall.  This is my favorite time of year.  We get a break from the heat and finally get a chance to wear layers.  I love Autumn because it’s cool enough to wear scarves, cardigans, and […]

{10 Minute} Anthropologie Necklace Knock-Off

Anthro Knock-off Necklace.jpg.jpg

I love Anthropologie!  I’ll be honest, I shop there frequently and purchase things (mostly on sale) but I always love finding things that I can duplicate myself.  Last week I got their magazine in the mail and this Media Luna Necklace was on the cover. This Anthropologie Necklace Knock-Off  costs around $4 (I got all […]

Sandal Weather Survival Kit for Your Purse

Sandal Weather Survival Kit for your Purse

I can’t tell you how excited I am for warmer weather..shorts, t-shirts, sandals, and the glorious pool!!  I have promised myself that I won’t complain even once about the heat this summer and I will stick to that promise after the unbelievably freezing winter we have had this year.

Juke Webbing as Fashion?

glass pouch

We are iced in today and it may be a while until I get out of the house.   (BTW, not so great for a person like me…I’m already feeling claustrophobic!)  So, I spent some time on Etsy this morning and found that indeed the fashion and interior design world are intertwined. Check out these amazing […]