My DIY Secret

My DIY Secret revealed!!

I have a little secret to share with you today about where I get a lot of my project supplies.  (Some of you might already know about it, but for the rest of you this could be BIG!)  I LOVE Harbor Freight…that’s my best DIY secret! They carry a WEIRD (in a good way) variety of so […]

Patience and A New/Old Table

dining table top

Remember this statement?  “I am going to be patient and search for the right table at the right price.”  Well, what I didn’t mention is I have been looking for a farm or harvest table for about a year now.  The table we currently have was from my husband’ parents and there is nothing wrong […]

Some Great Finds!

I mentioned that I was working on my new office this week, so I headed to one of my favorite places…Hobby Lobby.  I was excited to find they have some new hardware!  If you love Anthropologie’s hardware, then you will love the selection at HL.  The prices are a fraction of the cost, plus they […]