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My name is Angela. I am a stay-at-home mom with two girls.  I started this journey after graduating from Texas A&M and marrying my best friend, Scott. We lived in Dallas for a year, then found our way to Pennsylvania for a job opportunity. We lived there for about 4 years, until Scott got transferred to Indianapolis, IN. We moved here at the end of 2008.



I have always had a passion for Interior Design and had started that path in college, until I changed direction and majored in History. During my time in college my love of design and history, took me to Europe twice! I spent two summers soaking up the history and architecture. Finances don’t always allow for all the ideas I have, you can just ask Scott, so I have to improvise most of the time.

My improvising has taken me on a new journey of self-discovery! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish, if you want something bad enough. I hope that as you read my blog you will be inspired to find new ways of using unique items and make your home and life something you are proud to share!