Christmas in the Living Room

Today, is just a quick post full of pictures.  ;)  Nothing too exciting this year.

 Although, I do feel like it has taken me twice as long to decorate this year!

I feel like I should change up the mirrors on the mantel, but I’ve had it like this so long that I’m having a hard time doing something different.  I might need a mantel intervention in the Spring.  I’ll let you know! :)




If you’d like to download the chalkboard prints, go here.  And to see more pictures of my tree check out this post.

Today I’m getting ready for my neighborhood Christmas party.  I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t done much, so today it’s game on!  Wish me luck.

Monday I will complete my house tour with more pictures of my downstairs and kitchen.


The winner for the antique silverware knife and charm is:

Patty H. (#10)


Have a great weekend!


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