Blissdom ’12

The countdown begins!!  There are only 27 days , well more like 26 days now, left until Blissdom 2012.  Any of you going??

This will be my first year and I’m very excited and a little anxious.  I’m most excited about meeting other bloggers who I have read their blogs for years, but I’m also super stoked about the sessions.  There are so many great topics.  I am hoping to learn a lot and come back home refreshed,with a renewed passion.

Now, the anxiety…I will actually get to meet the people who I have read about for years, in person.  I’m already feeling awkward just talking about it.   I’m also nervous about what to wear!  I don’t know the exact number,  but I think there are going to be about 600 women there.  That’s a lot of great outfits!!

Any suggestions?!?  Let me know if your going, I would love to meet you in person!


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I am an avid DIYer with a passion for making my house a home.I'd love for you to join me on my adventures!
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