Upholstery Progress…YAY!


I’m on a roll (Time to go solo, Roll’in…Sorry, I couldn’t help myself; guess I’m showing my age!).   So I have made some major progress on the chair today.  It has not been an easy process, though.  I used an automatic nail gun, that jammed every couple of minutes.  FRUST-RATING!! So, all that is left […]

Day 2-6 of Chair Reupholstery: SIGH

If you thought I forgot about the chair, well I almost wish I had!  Did I mention staples in the last post???  To say there were a lot of staples would be an understatement.  I finally got tired of pulling them, so I just hammered the last of them down.  (I am hoping that decision […]

Faux Roman Shades: Check


I am really sorry, I’ve been a blogging slacker!  I have actually accomplished a lot since last week, but unfortunately I haven’t taken the time for pictures or to tell you about it.  (I have been blogging since July, so you would think I would have the hang of it by now!) Well, one of […]

are we all PLAYING house?


Do you ever feel like you have never REALLY grown up?  The other day I heard my girls say they were going to go “play” house.  At that moment I thought, “I do that every day!”  I remember being a kid and thinking how I couldn’t wait to have my own space. Well, reality is […]

REPOST: PB Clock Face Knock-Off

I have gotten a lot of inquires about the materials I used on the PB clock face knock-off, so I thought I would update the post with the material information.  Thanks for all your comments and e-mails.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE comments, so please  keep’em coming!  I hope […]

Juke Webbing as Fashion?

glass pouch

We are iced in today and it may be a while until I get out of the house.   (BTW, not so great for a person like me…I’m already feeling claustrophobic!)  So, I spent some time on Etsy this morning and found that indeed the fashion and interior design world are intertwined. Check out these amazing […]