In need of a workstation!

We have a home office, but unfortunately it is my husband’s territory.  So, now I am in need of my own work space.  We have four bedrooms, but we have SO MANY out-of-town guests, that a guest bedroom is a must.  My other option is to wait until I am ready to have the girls share a room.  My oldest’s room is huge and will be plenty of room for the two of them, but I am not quite ready to battle with my two year old’s sleep pattern.  My last option was my bedroom.

There is one wall that I have greatly neglected and was hoping for a vanity, but I found this great old library table at one of the auctions a few weeks ago.  It  is the perfect size and I got it for a steal, $20.  Last night, I set it up in our room and it works perfectly!

I was even able to keep my makeup on the desk.  It is actually an old  jewlery box.

I am so busy these days, that I didn’t have time to deal with the finish of the table.  It needs some work, but that will have to wait for another day.  I love my new workstation/vanity!

By the way, this was in my van, too! 😉


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